Sunday, March 31, 2013

He he...I was actually given a blogger award by a co-blogger..and I wonder why!

Funny thing. Strolled into my blog after a few months today..with the intention to pendown my thoughts, and accidently stumbled upon a comment in one of my earlier blogs. 
I actually had someone reading my blog, and better still choosing to nominate it for an award. Small and non descript one at that yes, but overwhelmed by just the thought that someone read my blog and actually was sweet enough to nominate me. Thank you Madhavi.
really appreciate it.

This award is like a tag contest of sorts. You get the award from a fellow blogger and you pass on the cheer to 11 other bloggers that you believe deserve it. Before that, I have to answer 11 questions that my nominator has set for me, and then subsequently give my nominations another 11 questions to answer. So here goes! This is supposed to be a recognition to all the other bloggers who have less than a 100 followers or around a few more but write straight from their heart.

These were the questions Madhavi asked me to answer

  1. Your favourite person in life(can be friend, cousin, teacher, etc) not personality..
    Not one but two people and an animal. My parents and my pet (son) Archie.
  2. Ever frightened because of a dream?
    Yes plenty of times...
  3. Describe you in one word?
    Persistent. Agonisingly so at times. To an extent of being a pain.
  4. Reason that why you like the person most(that you mentioned in the first question)
    My reason for being. 
  5. Your realistic target in your life to achieve
    Aging with grace and comfort.
  6. Ever helped an unknown person?
    Yes. quite a few times.
  7. Fun or most memorable moment in your school life?
  8. Are you frequent dreamer? If so, what kind of dreams you get?
    Yes. All sorts. Dreams and nightmares galore! Insomniac of the times I sleep, i always dream.
  9. What is life according to you?
    A sequence of planned and unplanned events that make or break you. 
  10. If are a super-human, what will you contribute to this world?
    Save all the animals. Keep them away from harm - from humans and each other. ..Bio equilibrium Hah!
  11. Last question and which is aspect of my blog you like it most? Look&feel or Writing...
    the free flow of thoughts...

My questions for the 11 nominees 
1. What do you like most about writing?
2. Whose writing do you admire the most - blog or books?
3. What makes the world go around for you?
4. A day in your life that you would love to relive?
5. If there was one person you could save with yourself who would it be?
6. And why?
7. The best advise you have ever received.
8. A destination that you would love to go to
9. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now
10. What does love mean to you?
11. Anything at all you want to say :)

My 11 nominees are .....
1. - 

And here's the award you can display on your blog - just for kicks :). I did :P


Sridhar Sachidananda said...

Giving up too early eh? Wait and watch what's in store for you. You will be astonished.


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