Saturday, May 09, 2009

An Eulogy from friends..between friends...I wonder !!

Even before I begin this blog I'd better put down a disclaimer saying "these are my thoughts alone and are not intended to irk/spite anyone or everyone in particular"

Was going through FB (got plenty of time on hand off late) and came across the posts that have been put out by friends and well wishers of some well known people who have tragically passed away recently....and it brings about this strange thought in my head as to what could an eulogy written for me read like?

Been around for 32 years now and its been one helluva journey to date...i know its a weird thought but each time I watch a western movie which portrays a scene wherein a memorial service is being shown it never fails to make me wonder what would people say (if they say at all!) when I pass away....
Loads of you may say- chey!! what a stupid thought it is...OR why the hell would you care as to what people will say or do..
but hey thats aint gonna change now..

I would like to think I have been a good person (most times I hope!!)...atleast my intentions have been good (thats what matters at the end of the day doesn't it - hopefully not the outcome which is 99% of the time disastrous with me looking like an idiot at the end of it all!!).
Have tried my best to be there for people when I believed they needed me or directly told me that they needed me to be around.....(and overstepped boundaries when I thought I was needed when I actually was not...this is especially the part where I meant my intentions have been good).

But as I do sit back and think , I sometimes wonder what friendships really are meant to be.......hundreds of people have come and gone in my life till date and quite a few of them have made an impact in one way or the other......
Some of them I would like to think I still know (which by itself is a highly debatable topic that I could write a lot about) , some of them I hear about and over time we have drifted apart, some more I remember but have no clue whatsoever about what they are upto and some ,I have clearly forgotten.
.......but each one of them I have called a 'friend'.

How can this one term be so generic and specific at the sametime? Do we really know one another well enough to be called friends or are these just glorified acquaintances? Does friendship really mean a licence to say /act the way you think is right and expect to be accepted? Is 'a friendship means no sorry no thank you' - just a cheesy bollywood line?

I wonder...I really do! And all this said and done I wonder if its even right to wonder about an Eulogy..maybe those would be just words too...
If noone thought of saying it & meaning it when you are alive whats the point in saying it after you are gone right?

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