Sunday, March 31, 2013

He he...I was actually given a blogger award by a co-blogger..and I wonder why!

Funny thing. Strolled into my blog after a few months today..with the intention to pendown my thoughts, and accidently stumbled upon a comment in one of my earlier blogs. 
I actually had someone reading my blog, and better still choosing to nominate it for an award. Small and non descript one at that yes, but overwhelmed by just the thought that someone read my blog and actually was sweet enough to nominate me. Thank you Madhavi.
really appreciate it.

This award is like a tag contest of sorts. You get the award from a fellow blogger and you pass on the cheer to 11 other bloggers that you believe deserve it. Before that, I have to answer 11 questions that my nominator has set for me, and then subsequently give my nominations another 11 questions to answer. So here goes! This is supposed to be a recognition to all the other bloggers who have less than a 100 followers or around a few more but write straight from their heart.

These were the questions Madhavi asked me to answer

  1. Your favourite person in life(can be friend, cousin, teacher, etc) not personality..
    Not one but two people and an animal. My parents and my pet (son) Archie.
  2. Ever frightened because of a dream?
    Yes plenty of times...
  3. Describe you in one word?
    Persistent. Agonisingly so at times. To an extent of being a pain.
  4. Reason that why you like the person most(that you mentioned in the first question)
    My reason for being. 
  5. Your realistic target in your life to achieve
    Aging with grace and comfort.
  6. Ever helped an unknown person?
    Yes. quite a few times.
  7. Fun or most memorable moment in your school life?
  8. Are you frequent dreamer? If so, what kind of dreams you get?
    Yes. All sorts. Dreams and nightmares galore! Insomniac of the times I sleep, i always dream.
  9. What is life according to you?
    A sequence of planned and unplanned events that make or break you. 
  10. If are a super-human, what will you contribute to this world?
    Save all the animals. Keep them away from harm - from humans and each other. ..Bio equilibrium Hah!
  11. Last question and which is aspect of my blog you like it most? Look&feel or Writing...
    the free flow of thoughts...

My questions for the 11 nominees 
1. What do you like most about writing?
2. Whose writing do you admire the most - blog or books?
3. What makes the world go around for you?
4. A day in your life that you would love to relive?
5. If there was one person you could save with yourself who would it be?
6. And why?
7. The best advise you have ever received.
8. A destination that you would love to go to
9. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now
10. What does love mean to you?
11. Anything at all you want to say :)

My 11 nominees are .....
1. - 

And here's the award you can display on your blog - just for kicks :). I did :P

The first blog of 2013. All the resolves to write regularly is well..but a sham! Been thinking of quite a few things to write, but then I don't because I don't make the time, or sometimes simply because I am scared of putting my thoughts in the open space...
what a hypocrite I am sometimes, while I know I could make this my complete online thought keeper and change the privacy settings for just me to view...I like the possibilities of this being read by others...sometimes by people who I would have contextually written with reference too....what childishness...sometimes I wonder if I will every grow up, mentally that is. Otherwise age is definitely creeping by!
Talking of age...come March, another year has gone by. This time too it was a working birthday. As usual nothing happened. The only positive aspect of it all, is though like all other years nothing happened,  this year I atleast shielded myself from the disappointments from expectations. Expectations that I set myself upto every year in that that wonky head of mine and feel miserable and let down, because nobody else much cared...people who always remember, remembered! Most of them did anyways!
Life's been trudging along. New venture again in 2013. Working with a friend from the yesteryears comes with it's own challenges and fun! Living through those. Where this will end - I know not for now. How I would like it to end - I have a fair idea. Will it end there - I again know not for now....and so like all the other  things in my life - will let life lead me on to where my journey leads.
Personally life continues to be as confusing as ever! Maybe I thrive on this confusion. Maybe I lead myself into this confusion. If this confusion does not exists, then probably I don't. I'm just not cut out for the "Normal" ways of life. Complication and confusion are the center Cs of it. So why cheat myself from those - right?'
Immediate agenda - make money, travel and think of growing old nicely and comfortably. Keep thinking I should put a propa plan of action in place to get to these goals.....but it still lies at the "to think" phase. Maybe will take the next step soon....maybe just maybe...soon very soon! A quarter of 2013 has zipped by....hopefully will make the remaining 3 quarters count in some way. After all 36 is a good number to be at...ain't it. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Time's creeping by ain't it...

A conversation with a new friend brought me back to check on my blog. As usual all my resolves to write regularly....what can I say - remain resolves to be looked at. Like I always say - my intentions are always good, just they are misplaced and wrongly timed. But yet again the year has whizzed past. I stopped exclaiming a couple of months ago, after the 6th month mark. Sheesh man! We shall now even step out of the 8th month and yet - I cannot think of too many significant things that have happened. But then hey, maybe having a normal, simple life is also not bad. It's probably good to have nothing significant to report on.
Let's see, we moved house in May. So that brought up quite a few changes and adjustments. And a pesky, irritating landlord that we have to deal with on a regular basis. Then there are a couple of weddings in the family this year. Funnily enough it's nice to notice how my relatives have now stopped asking me about my marriage. It's definitely a great relief...but definitely makes you wonder!! hmmm . On my dad's side, we were four cousins all of the same age group.Till now two of them were married and us two girls were still going strong. Well, the other one got married off today, so I am practically the last woman standing in the marriage department from my generation on my dad's side of the family. My mom side - well I think they gave up on us siblings long back :)). And thankfully I feel no pressure :).
Today as I sat at the wedding listening to the good ol aunts and uncles talk - I realised how they have conveniently started focusing on the generation of kids after us. The ones now in their late twenties. The wedding to follow this year is in November. It is that of my younger cousin brother. He I think is around 27-28 and is tying the knot. Which by all standards is extremely natural but then to me it kinda feels strange. This one's a kid to me! But anyways...I digress and am now rambling.
It's been a long day. Time to refocus and really ensure that I make 2012 count in some way - professionally, personally. Whatever! Just make it count  - and make it count positively! Wishing myself all the good luck in the world :D. Adios for now bloggy. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Perfect 10...

Today is definitely one of those days that I am thankful for..a day that makes me realise how many things I have in my life that I am thankful for!
I am thankful about being healthy, thankful about having a wonderful family, thankful about having friends and family who care! And basically thankful about being me!
A day that makes me realise, that if you look around you, and feel it - with an open heart, mind & soul you will realise just how lucky you are!
Just one of those days which makes you go to bed with a smile on your face! Thank you for making me realise this atleast for the moment. I may just about go back to my usual self tomorrow or something might happen to make me feel otherwise 5 mins from now. But for here and just happy being me...and it's a real good feeling....
Thank you big fella out there! makes me feel good to know. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's happened to the good old romcom movies- why don't they make them like they did earlier :(

Watched Ek Main Aur Ek Tum yesterday. Seriously should have waited for the movie to be shown on TV (which happens within 2-3 weeks of release nowadays) instead of wasting my monies . Secondly, I do miss Nikhat Kazmi's reviews in TOI (RIP - Nikhat Kazmi). The new reviewer at TOI for Hindi movies, I think is very generous with his ratings. A 4/5!! Really! Have the standards dropped so drastically? I would at best give it a 2.5 or really if pushed hard maybe a 3.
I first thought I was probably getting a lil too old for these now - but then give me a Dil Chahta hai, a DDLJ or a Kuch Kuch hota hai even today and I can sit through and watch it for it's entertainment and music value...this one..NAH!!
Really. The only thing I thought was good about this movie was it's ending - its definitely 'hatke'...else very mediocre..I miss nice romantic movies....what's happened to these people..why are there no more movies like Dil Chata hai coming up :(....
Anyways if anyone's planning on making this a valentine outing movie're better off spending your monies on something else I think....

And ya!! the only other nice thing - HINDU ads being aired at the theatres...really aggressive. Seems like the sleeping lion may have gotten threatened somewhere! But lashing out it is!! Seriously loved the Ad...way to go HINDU. Not that you need to prove yourself. But definitely reminding people what you stand for always helps..considering generations are changing every couple of years now!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Past comes visiting

Yesterday was one of those days that my past came visiting me. It's quite ironical though, it's not like the past has ever given way to the new in my head. It's always maintained it's position quite possessively in those corners. I keep thinking the head needs a spring cleaning very badly since there is too much clutter up there! But well, each time I sit down for a spring cleaning session, I get too emotionally attached to each of those ideas, moments and memories and tell myself, maybe, just maybe the next time around I will throw these out.
Anyway I digress. Yesterday was a day when a certain part of the pleasant past came calling. Quite out of the blue though. Something I least expected. Though I should have guessed. Yesterday was one of those days when different people I had kept in touch from the same time zone of my life all called. With a mix bag of information. Some of them gave me some really sad news, some of them just reminded me of who they were from when I knew them (just reminding me how people really do not change at all) ..One of them just reconnected after a really long I should have kinda expected this part of my past to come calling too! But good that I didn't expect it. Like with all other things in my life, when things happen when I least expect them to, is when I am happy about it (atleast all things that I consider good, when shit happens, it just does. expect it or otherwise). Happy might be a wrong word to use here. But when you are not sad, then maybe being happy is the best way to describe what you are??? Don't know. So for now let's just say not knowing it will happen, and not putting my super active imagination to work here was a blessing in disguise.
All in all a pleasant end to a somewhat usual, boring day. Also made me realise how the world has moved on and when I look at myself from the outside, realise that a part of me has been standing right there in the corner while everything around me has moved on. The trick question here - how do you move on?
Maybe it's time for that spring cleaning after all! The toughened me should get out there broom and mop in hand to take some serious action! Let's hope that happens soon enough!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

First Weekend of February 2012

Topsy turvy weekend it has been literally. It had all the promises of being a great one while it started on Friday evening with a nice kannada play at Ranga Shankara. A sattire on the life we lead today as the new age Bangaloreans. After that pleasant evening, came back home only to start a sickness drama of my own. Woke up multiple times in the night to throw up. Looks like I had successfully poisoned myself with something I had eaten through the day. So thus the whole of Saturday was spend lying down the different beds and couches around the house and dragging my feet around. The sick feeling in me refused to go away all through the day.
Took some tabs and had a good nights sleep, to wake up late today morning. Sunday (today) seemed promising enough. A family lunch. The usual get together that happens when one of my multiple India Born confused American desi come back home for a quick visit :). So off we trouped into 1947 (an Indian restaurant at the High Street Mall in Jayanagar)  for a long LOUD family lunch. Am sure all the waiters there heaved a huge sigh of relief after we left the place.
Had plans of continuing to spend time with the troupe, but the sickness set in again. This time the world around me was spinning all over the place. I first thought it was a blood rush because I got up too quickly. But then the spinning continued giving me the feeling that I was going to go round around the world in split secs. So decided to stay put and call in sick. So thus ends my weekend. Anyway the way my life is going around nowadays, week days flow into weekends.
The only sad part of it all is that I missed my guitar class on both the days. Though I do not play the guitar (The only days my guitar sees the light of day is when I take it to class) I love going to class. It has so much energy in it and it totally fills me in and rejuvenates me. So I do look forward to those couple of hours that I spend there.
And then of course this week I also missed my volunteer to teach program :(. Should write about that too sometimes. It's the name of the program (self given) at the government school I teach at. Well, the time I spend there - I love it!
Anyways that's for another post. Wow. I have material to write about. So what if my brother tells me I cannot write to save my own life! Write I will. After all I write for myself. As long as I enjoy doing it...does not matter if it's any good or not.. until we meet again! Hope the world around me stops spinning so much!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Ha Ha..back again!

It's funny how I seem to make an appearance so rarely on my blog. The intentions to write regularly are all there...right there in their respective 'right' places. It's just that the intent, turning into an action is the biggest challenge. This is like how my 'intent to regularly practice and play my guitar or the animation software is also there - right there. None of them have converted themselves into an action yet.
I wonder is it the 'me' that I have turned into offlate or has it been the 'me' all along - the procrastinator. Would growing older make it worse!!oooooooough! can there be a worse off version too!! I shiver at that thought! uggh!
Recently I was reading on a blog that I regularly follow. Apparently most people spend (read as waste) most of their time thinking about they have so little time on hand to do things. I am definitely one among 'those' people, I must confess. Every night I go to sleep with the resolve that tomorrow I shall do this , and do that. Well that tomorrow never comes! And before I know it, its nightfall again and then yet another resolve. Man! managing time between my thoughts itself is getting to be so tough! Where do I find the time for action I say!
One month of the new year 2012 is already up. There are now just 11 months left for the miracles that I expect to unravel themselves.. 2012 better be a better year than before. I am quite tired of thinking....oops another year just zipped by with nothing positively significant happening around me or to me.
Ok until I wander by here again...adios. Hopefully the next entry will not be in 2013. But then let's see how it goes!
As always 'promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.'