Friday, October 22, 2010

Hurrah! Improvement it is :)

My blog is now over 5 years old. Like I may have mentioned at some point earlier – this blog was inspired by one of my favorite cousins. While I cribbed to him one sunny afternoon way back in the summer of 2005 about how boring and monotonous life had gotten to be – the wise old guy advised me (on chat – since he had already sailed out to the faraway lands a long time ago) to occupy my mind by starting my own blog. He said – 'write about the things that interest you the most- anything, everything. Am sure something will come out of it'. I listened to him alright and got myself an account, a title and space and the first few words but that's where the interest ended then. So there it was – 1 post in 2005, the next one in 2008 (I do take my time don't I? It's amazing I remembered the log in name and password to this thing for that long!!) 5 posts in 2009 (some improvement!) and …………..hold your breath – 9 posts (including this one!) in 2010. Wow! And the year is yet to end with another 2 + months to go.

I have to confess though that there were a few more posts in between made during some emotional ups and downs which I chose to delete. I used to often wonder even if anyone ever read my blog. I have one little cousin brother who has listed himself as my follower. This blog is practically my online thought keeper. For awhile I had debated linking it up to my facebook account. The anonymity of it all was something I had gotten used to. I put it on for awhile and then pulled it down. Then currently it's linked on to facebook again. It's this way because I chose it to be.

In the last 5 years my blog stats tells me that it has had over 122 page views from different parts of the globe (with just one listed followerJ)pat pat!! I had not expected even one. Mind you thanks to google analytics, I do not track my own visits.

I intend to write – readers or not. I am liking this phase. Call it a wee bit narcissistic if you please. It's good to come back and read what you thought of at that point and time!

It's after all my online thought keeper. My Queendom. Currently being shared with the world at large.



f8hasit said...

And THAT IS what a blog is all about, isn't it? When I started I don't think I even had a comment (except from my friend who got me into putting what I wrote online) for months. But it's now become an extention of myself. The friends, from all over the world, that I've connected with via my blog give me great pleasure.

And was seeing your blog title on another blog that got me here to YOUR blog.
Very cool.

Good luck with the next two months! Who might double your entries!


Anonymous said...

Five years of blogging. That is an amazing achievement!