Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sigh! How hopelessly romantic!

Browsing TV channels in the evening and I stopped at Star Movies. As I screened through I realized 'Pretty Woman' was on air. This was probably the 100th time I was watching this movie …but I could not resist sitting and watching the remaining scenes of the movie all over again.

This movie was released way back in 1990. At that point I think I was still just entering my teens. Was in my 6th or 7th grade (think it was definitely the 7th standard since at that point Hollywood movies found their way into the Indian cinema halls way later than they were released abroad) . It was one of the first romantic movies I was exposed to at that stage of my life. There were hush hush discussions about this movie at school. Around the home circles at that time I used to hang around my brother and his friends (more like follow him around like a lost puppy much to his dislike!). All of them being a good 6-9 years older than I was – obviously had a lot more to talk about this movie. And boys being boys they thought all that romantic stuff was hogwash. But watch it – they definitely did. There was talk of the lovely background scores (Pretty Woman, Must Have been love, et al) eternally hummable melodies.

Even today as I watched the movie (knowing almost every inch of the film). My heart still beat faster when Richard Gere decides at the very end to make it a fairytale ending for Julia Roberts. I know I could watch this movie many more times without getting bored. It's just not this movie. Many other such romantic flicks I have the same soft corner for. Fairytale endings and romantic interludes…sigh!! J

There is a very apt dialogue at the end of the movie. It says 'welcome to Hollywood. The land of dreams. Some dreams come true some don't. But welcome to the land of dreams.'

Ain't hope and optimism what run this world J. Almost every aspect of it!


bettyl said...

Some of us never give up on the 'happily ever after'!

Average Girl said...

What would life be without dreams and the hopes of a happily ever after!!!! I love that movie too! Thanks for signing up as follower on my blog today... You made it a great day for me. So i want to return the favour and be your latest follower!


Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

I too love love love that movie -- have seen it dozens of times!