Friday, October 01, 2010

Dog Poop!!

You must be thinking she is off her rocker to be writing about dog poop… but take a moment to think of what the poor doggies must be going through – their poop is a topic of conversation on National media, on social networking sites…where not!! Have you not noticed this off late?
If you are dog owner, who takes his or her dearie for a walk either in the morning or evening you will be able to empathise and appreciate this note – else you will be the one thinking ‘she is off her rocker’.  
If you are a responsible dog owner in Bangalore – you are always on the vigil when you are on that walk…looking over your shoulder and all around while the fella decides to poop. You try you best to find a place that’s less visited, is secluded, has enough grass and soil to help the poop degrade et al….but sometimes when a fella has to go he has to go…So at times you find yourself tugging at that leash just to make sure he poops in a place that you think is more appropriate than he does….funny sight to imagine? Trust me – most of us doggie people go through this on a daily basis…
After all this effort that you take – you are still subjected to whole load of abuses from people all around. You are the vamps and villains of the piece. People who do not own dogs sometimes do not understand that it’s a biological need for these gods’s gift to mankind too. It’s ironical that these abuses are from the same people who throw out tons of garbage onto the roadsides and pollute the environment. I am not justifying the doggie poop on the roadside – but then its bio degradeable – Plastic is not!! And you have an option of segregating waste and doing the right thing – but the poor doggies do not have an alternative. They are not allowed into parks, they are not allowed into playgrounds..all they have are the roadsides. There are no designated pet walk areas – then what is an average pet owner supposed to do? Poor little doggies….as if its not enough to be subjected to the humiliation of your owner watching where and how you poop –now the added attention of the entire neighbourhood. Everyone seems to want to have a say in where he poops!!
Coming back to the discussions of doggie poop in media…I recently read an article in Bangalore Mirror about a woman being verbally and physically abused by her neighbours just because her dogs poop when they are on a walk??? Poor woman. I can totally empathise with her agony.
 And then of course all that talk about doggie poop in the CWG stadium, on the beds et al also inspired me to write about it…there seems to be so much talk about it. It’s getting national media attention but then we have no remedies. We have great acceptance and empathy towards construction kids and slum kids sitting down on the pavements and relieving themselves, we have great tolerance towards the mounds of garbage that gets collected at every roadside leading to extreme unhygienic conditions let alone environmental hazards but dog poop – sorry! That is something we have a zero tolerance for…even if the poor tame fella is relieving himself in the most nondescript of places….

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SherilinR said...

that's interesting. i never thought about dog poop being a problem in cities. where i live in america, people carry little baggies with them & scoop the poo up & put it in a trashcan after the dog goes. gross for the human, but better than someone stepping in it later.