Saturday, October 30, 2010

The ‘Ahh!’ feeling of satisfaction

Ever had one of those days at the end of which you feel like you have gotten quite a lot accomplished? The feeling of 'Ahh!' Satisfaction. The feeling of having done something substantial and concrete. I had one of those days today.

It started out with a nice long walk with Archie (my little (?) Golden Retriever). Then the usual morning chores of reading the newspaper(s), getting ready etc. After which I set out to do the one thing that I had been mentally debating on, for the last few weeks. I went and put down the deposit on my education – Finally! A course in Animation.

I have for the last 10 years of my life been awestruck by animation & animators. Have been off and on contemplating on learning the art. For various reasons kept putting it off for another day in the future. Today I took the first step towards actually realizing the dream of being able to create and contribute towards that art form. I walked down to the institute of my choice (Choose I did! after several searches, tours of the centers and speaking to faculty) and put down my down payment for the Diploma that I am going to earn by the end of the next 13 months. Classes start 2nd November.

Interestingly I am going to be the oldest student in the class. This industry accepts people schooled in animation right after their 10th Standard. So I am pretty much going to be amongst a bunch of 16-20 year olds learning the art. And Boy oh boy am I looking forward to that. Such a refreshing change to be back in a classroom (am getting an identity card and library card :D). Got my joining course material (Text Books, drawing sheets, pencils, eraser and a sharpener!!!).

The next thing I did today after coming back from my animation enrollment is walk up to the Music School and enroll myself into a guitar class. My good ol bro had already presented me my first guitar the first day of my self- employment. After some ground research narrowed in on some weekend classes. Today was my first guitar class. I started from the basics of understanding the types of guitars, to parts of a guitar and learnt techniques on how to hold a guitar. Was also taught on how to begin to strum it. Such a refreshing feeling.

The day ended with some fruitful business discussions (I cannot forget that I'm now on my own and need to starting earning a living soon J). The last I checked my pedometer it showed 9kms and some 600Kcal burnt. So while accomplishing all this I also got my fair bit of exercise for the day by walking around everywhere.

I call this a good day. A day of new beginnings. A day full of the 'Ahh – I got quite a bit done' feeling J.

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CN said...

good luck with the animation course! :) and happy strumming on the guitar..