Saturday, February 16, 2008

Aren't there bigger issues in Bangalore today than the ban on Dancing?

The headlines in today's newspapers screams that bangaloreans are now all very upset over the ban on dancing in bangalore.
Well...dont get me wrong...i love dancing too ,but it does make me wonder why a newspaper does not take up, with as much vigour the other issues that bother a bangalorean .

For eg -I have till date been waiting for this paper to bring out the issues such as that of a daily auto commuter in this city faces...the overcharging, the sheer indifference to being a part of the public transport system, the abuses et al.

I am a strong believer in the concept of a 'pen is mightier than a sword' .. And how this is used or misused is left to the publishers of such big newspapers. They actually kindle, influence,anger....emote public opinions.

In the same paper's page 3 or 4 there is an article that states facts on how Bangalore seems to be going the Maharastra way with attacks on a local railway station. This apparently was a protest by local activists claiming to be demanding jobs for locals...Pah!!
The article claims property worth lakhs was destroyed and now that station is temporarily non functional for bookings.
..and this is a small bit of the reported news....
Yes I agree - thanks to the newspaper I know that such incidents happened in the city that i so dearly love...but my expectation from this media who is a mass reacher, is far more....
I expect them to also to tell people like me how to channel our anger to ensure that we can do our little somethings to help take this kind of stupidity away from here.
I get angry but I dont know what to do...A 'campaign to lead' shall not suffice to bring about a change...and it might sound unreasonable to expect so much from a newspaper which is expected to just 'report'. But in a day & time like this where there is so much stupidity all around if we all just get angry & do nothing things will get worse. And the power that this medium can exercise is HUGE - it can practically make or break a society.

Today various special leaders & fancy elements from our 'society' continue to take advantage and cause harm to public property & life in the name of sect, caste, creed religion etc....and for all you know the people who cause this kind of a harm are doing it mindlessly because to them it might just mean a few extra rupees in hand and a good lunch/dinner sponsored by some honourable party member and a few bottles of that days quota of liquor...

and we argue, rave and rant about the fading cosmopolitan image of Bangalore due to a ban on dancing. Aren't we just fooling ourselves???

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