Wednesday, October 20, 2010

To Belong or not to belong is always the question ain’t it?

I have now been self employed (Do note that I don’t want to use the word unemployed at any point and time J) for almost a week and a half. At this point I cannot help but be reminded of the time that I began my career . We were a bunch of fresh graduates who were campus recruited by a company that sponsored us for a full time PGDBA. From the first day inspite of being students we were recruited as employees and then sent out to study. Completed the course and joined back the company full time after two years. I felt totally and completely one with the company, its values, the culture et al. Whenever someone asked me questions about where I worked, pat was my reply – I belong to BOSCH. These statements of mine were instantaneous, total impromptu responses. It was neither due to a poor vocabulary nor was it wrong English. It plain and simple was heart speak. I said so because I believed so. The weight of the word ‘belong’ was reemphasized when one of my batchmates and colleagues very promptly starting correcting me everytime I said this. He thought I was being ridiculous to be saying ‘Belong’. He would almost always correct me by saying –“ Sharvani. You do NOT BELONG to any company. You are not some property to belong to a company or for that matter anyone. You only work for or work with companies. Why don’t you understand!”
Technically he was right. No arguments on that front. But the point is – I never did understand. Even after BOSCH I have always rightfully belonged myself to every company I have worked for. If I don’t belong – I pretty much don’t function. Be it work, or everything else with life. Belonging fully and giving it all you got is what me is all about! So when I say ‘I belong’ I mean it. Else you will find me out of there in no time at all.
Am at that stage of my career right now where I belong to myself! Now the question is “To belong or not to belong”. Its going to be fun finding out J

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