Saturday, February 11, 2012

What's happened to the good old romcom movies- why don't they make them like they did earlier :(

Watched Ek Main Aur Ek Tum yesterday. Seriously should have waited for the movie to be shown on TV (which happens within 2-3 weeks of release nowadays) instead of wasting my monies . Secondly, I do miss Nikhat Kazmi's reviews in TOI (RIP - Nikhat Kazmi). The new reviewer at TOI for Hindi movies, I think is very generous with his ratings. A 4/5!! Really! Have the standards dropped so drastically? I would at best give it a 2.5 or really if pushed hard maybe a 3.
I first thought I was probably getting a lil too old for these now - but then give me a Dil Chahta hai, a DDLJ or a Kuch Kuch hota hai even today and I can sit through and watch it for it's entertainment and music value...this one..NAH!!
Really. The only thing I thought was good about this movie was it's ending - its definitely 'hatke'...else very mediocre..I miss nice romantic movies....what's happened to these people..why are there no more movies like Dil Chata hai coming up :(....
Anyways if anyone's planning on making this a valentine outing movie're better off spending your monies on something else I think....

And ya!! the only other nice thing - HINDU ads being aired at the theatres...really aggressive. Seems like the sleeping lion may have gotten threatened somewhere! But lashing out it is!! Seriously loved the Ad...way to go HINDU. Not that you need to prove yourself. But definitely reminding people what you stand for always helps..considering generations are changing every couple of years now!!

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