Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Ha Ha..back again!

It's funny how I seem to make an appearance so rarely on my blog. The intentions to write regularly are all there...right there in their respective 'right' places. It's just that the intent, turning into an action is the biggest challenge. This is like how my 'intent to regularly practice and play my guitar or the animation software is also there - right there. None of them have converted themselves into an action yet.
I wonder is it the 'me' that I have turned into offlate or has it been the 'me' all along - the procrastinator. Would growing older make it worse!!oooooooough! can there be a worse off version too!! I shiver at that thought! uggh!
Recently I was reading on a blog that I regularly follow. Apparently most people spend (read as waste) most of their time thinking about they have so little time on hand to do things. I am definitely one among 'those' people, I must confess. Every night I go to sleep with the resolve that tomorrow I shall do this , and do that. Well that tomorrow never comes! And before I know it, its nightfall again and then yet another resolve. Man! managing time between my thoughts itself is getting to be so tough! Where do I find the time for action I say!
One month of the new year 2012 is already up. There are now just 11 months left for the miracles that I expect to unravel themselves.. 2012 better be a better year than before. I am quite tired of thinking....oops another year just zipped by with nothing positively significant happening around me or to me.
Ok until I wander by here again...adios. Hopefully the next entry will not be in 2013. But then let's see how it goes!
As always 'promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.'

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