Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Past comes visiting

Yesterday was one of those days that my past came visiting me. It's quite ironical though, it's not like the past has ever given way to the new in my head. It's always maintained it's position quite possessively in those corners. I keep thinking the head needs a spring cleaning very badly since there is too much clutter up there! But well, each time I sit down for a spring cleaning session, I get too emotionally attached to each of those ideas, moments and memories and tell myself, maybe, just maybe the next time around I will throw these out.
Anyway I digress. Yesterday was a day when a certain part of the pleasant past came calling. Quite out of the blue though. Something I least expected. Though I should have guessed. Yesterday was one of those days when different people I had kept in touch from the same time zone of my life all called. With a mix bag of information. Some of them gave me some really sad news, some of them just reminded me of who they were from when I knew them (just reminding me how people really do not change at all) ..One of them just reconnected after a really long I should have kinda expected this part of my past to come calling too! But good that I didn't expect it. Like with all other things in my life, when things happen when I least expect them to, is when I am happy about it (atleast all things that I consider good, when shit happens, it just does. expect it or otherwise). Happy might be a wrong word to use here. But when you are not sad, then maybe being happy is the best way to describe what you are??? Don't know. So for now let's just say not knowing it will happen, and not putting my super active imagination to work here was a blessing in disguise.
All in all a pleasant end to a somewhat usual, boring day. Also made me realise how the world has moved on and when I look at myself from the outside, realise that a part of me has been standing right there in the corner while everything around me has moved on. The trick question here - how do you move on?
Maybe it's time for that spring cleaning after all! The toughened me should get out there broom and mop in hand to take some serious action! Let's hope that happens soon enough!

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