Sunday, February 05, 2012

First Weekend of February 2012

Topsy turvy weekend it has been literally. It had all the promises of being a great one while it started on Friday evening with a nice kannada play at Ranga Shankara. A sattire on the life we lead today as the new age Bangaloreans. After that pleasant evening, came back home only to start a sickness drama of my own. Woke up multiple times in the night to throw up. Looks like I had successfully poisoned myself with something I had eaten through the day. So thus the whole of Saturday was spend lying down the different beds and couches around the house and dragging my feet around. The sick feeling in me refused to go away all through the day.
Took some tabs and had a good nights sleep, to wake up late today morning. Sunday (today) seemed promising enough. A family lunch. The usual get together that happens when one of my multiple India Born confused American desi come back home for a quick visit :). So off we trouped into 1947 (an Indian restaurant at the High Street Mall in Jayanagar)  for a long LOUD family lunch. Am sure all the waiters there heaved a huge sigh of relief after we left the place.
Had plans of continuing to spend time with the troupe, but the sickness set in again. This time the world around me was spinning all over the place. I first thought it was a blood rush because I got up too quickly. But then the spinning continued giving me the feeling that I was going to go round around the world in split secs. So decided to stay put and call in sick. So thus ends my weekend. Anyway the way my life is going around nowadays, week days flow into weekends.
The only sad part of it all is that I missed my guitar class on both the days. Though I do not play the guitar (The only days my guitar sees the light of day is when I take it to class) I love going to class. It has so much energy in it and it totally fills me in and rejuvenates me. So I do look forward to those couple of hours that I spend there.
And then of course this week I also missed my volunteer to teach program :(. Should write about that too sometimes. It's the name of the program (self given) at the government school I teach at. Well, the time I spend there - I love it!
Anyways that's for another post. Wow. I have material to write about. So what if my brother tells me I cannot write to save my own life! Write I will. After all I write for myself. As long as I enjoy doing it...does not matter if it's any good or not.. until we meet again! Hope the world around me stops spinning so much!

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