Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back after almost a year!

It's funny, that just today morning I was thinking that I should write - for myself. And was also thinking whether I should make my blog a private viewing one that - meant only for me.. All these thoughts were running through my head and plunk in my inbox lands a mail from BLOGGER reminding me about my blog site. :) funny you would think...of all the days for this to happen. The support group at Blogger mailed me to remind me that I have a blog site. Nice of them to remind me. But why they did so today of all the days - baffles me. Life is full of such coincidences is it not? Some good, some bad. But inexplicable coincidences they are - we call them with different names, coincidences, fate, messages from far beyond...but explain them - we cannot.
Feels nice to be writing though. Especially the last couple of days have been so full of emotions. That writing is probably the best way to vent them out. But then wary I am as always of wearing my heart on my let's see, maybe I muster enough courage to put these feelings into the few words that I know. And maybe just make my blog a 'for me' only place so that I can write in peace without worrying about who reads, and makes what of it....
for now. Just glad to be back here in my own queendom :)

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