Monday, June 07, 2010

My First Hospitalisation...

Everything in life has its first time...your first step, your first words, your first love, your first accident...etc..everyone of us goes through these at different stages and times. Similarly I crossed another one of 'my first' milestones this weekend.

I had my first hospitalization experience this weekend...Spent two nights in a row at the Apollo Hospital. The first night I spent in the emergency room and the second night in my own spacious private room. Its not like I have not seen the insides of a hospital. Been in and out of quite a few of them while my mom and dad were admitted...this was My FIRST hospitalisation...and hopefully not another one coming along in a long time..

The events leading up to this moment in history went on like this...I don't particularly still remember how I managed to fall backwards and fall so neatly on the rear part of my head...but then I am perfect - thats how I managed it (everyone's wondering how I managed to land so heavily on my head without actually hurting either my back or breaking any of my bones). I just managed an ever perfect straight fall backwards. I have no recollection whatsoever of how it happened.
Infact as soon as it happened I must have blacked out. I just remember waking up howling. Dad was looking over me and saying something that did not actually make any sense at that time. Due to the shock of the fall I had also lost my short term memory completely. My head at the back began to swell up like a huge stone had been inserted into it..and it hurt like crazy. I could neither stand straight nor think clearly.
It must have been around 9ish then. My bro rushed me into Sagar. I just remember some funny people there in the emergency room...ward boys and nurses giggling away - at god knows what. At the plight of people being wheeled in and out - I sincerely hope not. But it somehow seemed so...some long words with the doctor and my dad was already tense. I could sense that much. Little else made any sense..the world around me was wheeling around..and I was weeping uncontrollably. God only knows why. They wheeled me into get an X Ray and a CT scan. Put me into the machine and I spent an awful, painful 10 mins in there. I had been asked not to move and my head was hurting like crazy. I was wheeled out only for my family to be told - sorry CT scan not working. You have to shift her somewhere else immediately. We were to get an ambulance to move me but the stupid hospital disagreed because they realised once I went into Apollo I would not come back...the stupidest reason ever! And I thought hospitals were meant to help people...
Anyways my brother piled a wailing me back into the car and we headed towards Apollo. We reached in sometime and luckily the emergency there was much better equipped. I am told there was a very young and handsome Dr on call that day. Sigh! These are the times that smart men walk into my life :). He quickly got my CT scan done ...and everyone was relieved that there was no internal injury. My head injury was superficial. Just that my head by then had swollen up like a balloon and I was still wailing.
All that jostling around had made me immensely nauseous and given the opportunity I threw up wildly in the emergency room. That brought up the antenna around everyone there. The handsome doc (I dont remember his face that clearly)..immediately ordered my admission. I got quickly changed into hospital clothes and before I knew it was hooked up to an IV and was on drips..and then I threw up again :)...and that sealed my fate of being put on observation at the emergency room for the next few hours.
I could suddenly hear the handsome doctor calling my name out loudly into my ears. He kept asking me to lift my right leg, then my left....and I could not for the life of me understand what was wrong with him. He then made me open my eyes - focus here - focus there. Put in a torch light to observe et al. I felt like I was in the circus. Guess all that testing assured him I was still not bleeding inside (though the CT scan had already proved it)...
that followed a night long of periodic tests. I was not not even given water to drink. I was parched. They just gave me enough to wet my mouth. Was told since I threw up twice its not recommended to give me anything world was still spinning around. I kept slipping in and out of sleep. The patients around me kept changing. I could hear different languages and sounds all through the night. My brother waited all night on the hard seats outside..
One thing worth mentioning though are the people who were on duty that night including the doctor were sweethearts. The male nurses were so well behaved and knew their jobs well. The neuro surgeon was slated to see me the next morning. He got called into an emergency surgery and came around to see me by 1...he said the same things to my dad. Said sometimes though there is no internal bleeding, because of the impact the brain moves and might have collided into the front part of the skull. That in some cases causes bleeding in the front a little later. They had to observe and ascertain none of that happened in my case. I was also complaining of an acute headache and giddiness. So they decided to keep me another day.
I then got moved into the spacious private room on the 4th floor. You will not believe the waiting that is there in this hospital for beds. The emergency room was overflowing with people. There was not a single vacant bed in the hospital....Healthcare business is booming alright!
After my two nights stay at Apollo I was discharged late Sunday afternoon. Brought home heady (no pun intended) from the experience. I have been advised rest and another viewing with the Neuro on Wednesday again...I live to tell the tale (dramatic me in action right now!) My phone switched off. My laptop far away I now seriously need to take stock of my life. It may not have been the worst episode yet - but it might as well have been.

Its definitely time to wake up and smell the coffee! There truly quite a lot that I need to accomplish.
Promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. Miles to go before I sleep!!

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